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Situated off the Southern coast of South Korea, Jeju (sometimes known as Cheju) is a honeymooner's paradise. The island lies off the mainland yet it has all the modern amenities imaginable and is serviced by an international airport that has regular service from parts of Japan, Shanghai and mainland South Korea- thus keeping it connected with the rest of the world. One big advantage the island has over nearby Korea destinations is its sub-tropical climate. The north of the island and its highlands can on occasion experience light snow in winter while in the south farmers grow tangerines!

Jeju is known for its cuisine, culture and a myriad of natural wonders. From waterfalls and beaches to high peaks – the island has it all. Jeju's cuisine is said to have evolved over centuries into a mix of Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine – a combination capable of tickling your taste buds at any given moment. The island has had a distinct culture of its own and there is an inexhaustible number of ways in which you can catch a glimpse of this island's distinct history and culture. In short, Jeju is a feast for travelers.

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Jeju Hotels - Where to Stay in Jeju Jeju Hotels

You'll find that the accommodation options to stay in Jeju are broad enough for you to find the style, tone and budget to meet your needs. All you have to do is to cast your eyes over our accommodation and hotel listings to find a place that suits your style, wants and needs - to say nothing of your budget. Read More...

Jeju Attractions Jeju Attractions

Jeju offers its visitors a myriad of activities to indulge themselves into. The spectacular natural wonders of this island are the major attraction. From the Halla-San (the highest peak in South Korea) to watching the splendid sunset and sunrise scenes along the coast – Jeju has it all. Read More...

Jeju Restaurants & Dining Jeju Restaurants & Dining

Finding good food in Jeju is not difficult. The best part of Jeju restaurants and bars is that they are adaptable and suit most tastes and needs and it’s fair to say that Jeju serves good food anywhere and at anytime of the day. Read More...

Jeju Nightlife Jeju Nightlife

Busan nights are glittery and vibrant. The city looks stunning at night and its nightlife is flashy and full of surprises. After the sun sets, the magic of this city can be experienced at its best. Read More...

Jeju Shopping Jeju Shopping

If shopping is on top of your list, then Jeju is just the right holiday destination for you. The energy of this place adds a whole lot of fun to your shopping experience and Jeju markets are known for offering variety. Read More...

Jeju Activities Jeju Activities

Jeju Island (aka Cheju) is known for its beauty, its adventure trails, cultural festivals and museums as well as many other places of interest. You will never be short of activities and things to do in Jeju. Read More...


Jeju Information Jeju Information

Formerly known as the Cheju Island, Jeju is one of the most popular tourist spots in South Korea. The place gathers a lot of crowd from South Korea, Japan and rest of the world. Known for its picturesque landscape and great food, Jeju is affectionately called the Island of Gods. Read More...

Jeju Map Jeju Map

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. Read More...

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