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Where and What to Eat in Jeju

Finding good food in Jeju is not difficult. The best part of Jeju restaurants and bars is that they are adaptable and suit most tastes and needs and it’s fair to say that Jeju serves good food anywhere and at anytime of the day. All the restaurants are located in the proximity of shopping streets, malls and places of interest and it can’t get better than that!

In fact, bars and restaurants account for much of the city’s nightlife and you will get all kinds of dishes in Jeju as almost all the restaurants serve different kinds of international cuisine. But to visit Jeju and not try the local cuisine would be a disappointment in itself as most visitors enjoy the local offerings.

Korea House Restaurant

This restaurant serves some of the most delicious Korean dishes in Jeju. You will have no trouble finding it as it is well known in the city and is located between the Shilla and Hyatt Hotels.

Location: Jungmun Resort
Price Range: Affordable

Lotte Hotel

Lotte Hotel

Jeju has a wide range of restaurants starting from lavish restaurants like Hyatt Regency and the Lotte Hotel to roadside food stalls. If you are in Jeju and staying at the Lotte Hotel, then a sumptuous meal there is a must try. Their multi-cuisine restaurant offers some of the best food options in Jeju. You may have to spend a little extra to have a fulfilling meal here but every penny you will spend here will be worth the cost as both preparation and execution are excellent.

Address: 2812 4 Saekdaldong, Seogwipo
Tel: 064-731-1000
Price Range: Pricey



You can enjoy fast food at Lotteria. This fast food restaurant is now a huge success in Japan. The Lotteria chain of restaurants will not let you down anywhere in East Asia and if you eat at the Lotteria restaurant in Jeju, do not forget to grab a kimchi burger. This burger has been the primary competitor of the famous McDonald’s burger but the Lotteria restaurant has even surpassed the popularity of McDonald’s in Jeju. The locals love the place for dishes such as fried chicken, burgers, chicken wings, cheese sticks, kimchi burgers, baked potatoes, squid rings and yogurt salads. Their standard dessert dish, also known as the Pat Bing Su, is a trademark of the Lotteria.

Address: 1298-16 Ildoil-dong
Tel: 064-722-0461
Price Range: Affordable


Yeon Wu Nae Restaurant

If you wish to try out good vegetarian Korean food then try the special Sujaebi which is made from green tea, noodles and cream. This recipe is hard to find anywhere else in Jeju and it’s no wonder this place is one of the most sought-after restaurants in town.

Location: directly across from the turnoff to the Halla Arboretum

Young Gu

If you are fond of American-style food, then this place is perfect for you. You can enjoy a decent western meal at affordable prices at this family-friendly restaurant. Their pizza with kimchi is especially good.

Location: close to the Grand Hotel in Nohyeong Dong in Shin Jeju
Tel: (064)748-0980
Cuisine: Fusion

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